Birmingham Sailing Club is a “member run” organization and as such, expects it’s members to be involved with its operation and programs.  BSC depends on volunteer members to keep things running for all to enjoy.  All members of the club are eligible to serve on committees.  By joining a committee and offering your skills, new members can quickly meet others and find deeper connection both on and off the water.  “Many hands make light work” and having depth in committees ensures continuity in both the club’s operations and programs.  One person does not make a committee and often contributes to early burnout, whereas several people working together lightens the load for all and provides continuity and a teaching opportunity for new members to learn.  You may serve on more than one committee or you may try one for a bit then learn of a new one that is a better fit.  Regardless, you will meet members and form a strong bond to BSC by lending your time and care.  If you are not certain or wish to learn more, ask your Membership Chair to tell you about a committee and make an introduction to get you started.


The Education Committee is responsible for arranging programs and workshops to further the knowledge of sailing skills, race management, water safety for both the membership and public throughout the year.  This committee conducts the Adult Learn to Sail Class which is offered in the Spring and Fall each year.  The class is open to the public and serves as a wonderful outreach program to introduce new people to sailing.  This committee also works with the various fleets to facilitate workshops throughout the year.    If you have a zest for sharing knowledge and watching students grow in confidence, then consider being a part of the Education Committee.  Instructing students on the water and across various boats requires a team, therefore, three to five committee members are a needed.

For more information, contact the Education Committee.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for audits, analysis of the Treasurer’s report,
preparation of budgets, and makes certain that all assets of the Club are properly insured.  If financial planning, forecasting and organization stewardship are skills you posses or an interest you have, your help is needed on the Finance Committee.  This committee functions best with three or more members some of whom have direct experience with budgeting and financial instruments.

For more information, contact the Finance Committee.

Grounds and Docks Committee

The property of BSC encompasses over 9 acres, a junior dock, swim dock, two primary launching docks with ramps, 24 wetslips and a boat washing station, a Junior’s building and race management building.  If you are considering this committee have no fear, you will be pleased to know that we do not own a lawn mower- this duty in contracted.  Since our ramps were installed before the lake was filled, our ramps support the deepest launch ability on the lake.  One would be hard-pressed to find another sailing club with the ability to launch and retrieve as many boats as our regattas host.  Particular importance is placed on this part of our facility because it directly affects the quality of our sailing programs. The House Committee and the Grounds Committee, jointly and working together, have the responsibility of promulgating all rules pertaining to house and grounds.  They are in charge of all employees and properties owned by the Club; and are charged with the responsibility of supervising the construction of and maintenance of the club facilities.  This committee represents one of our bigger challenges to manage and therefore it is recommended that four to six members are assigned to this committee and active in its duties.  Our membership always answers the call for work parties on tasks requiring additional labor.

For more information, contact the Grounds and Docks Committee.


One of the benefits of joining a sailing club is the ability to store your boat on the property with the mast up.  Rather than trailering it to a sailing location, stepping the mast rigging the boat and reversing the process to go back home, storage on-site is economical in terms or cost and time.  The Harbormaster is tasked with the duty of assigning spaces for boats in both dry spaces and wetslips, maintaining records, organizing waiting lists, enforcing the rules and boat spacing related to the privilege of on-site boat storage.  Proper spacing of boats maximizes our ability to offer a variety of boat storage to the membership.  Sailboats are fascinating vessels to observe even at rest, and the Harbormaster strongly encourages the membership to regularly maintain their boats and observe the storage rules in order to keep the property visually appealing.  A neat facility is a pleasure to visit and enhances the experience for all.  This committee is best staffed by three or more and will work closely with Grounds and Docks Committee as well as the Membership Committee and Treasurer.

For more information, contact the Harbormaster Committee.

Hospitality Committee

What organization is complete without a social component and this is where the Hospitality Committee shines.  This committee provides the support and planning for our One-Day events, featured regattas, work parties and signature events.  This is the number one way to be at the center of the action off the race course and who knows, you may find your next skipper or crew just mingling on one of the patios or fireside in our newly refurbished clubhouse.  For new members, this is the perfect place to start and an easy way to meet a lot of new people.  Like all of our committees, this is co-ed and men are expected to join the fun.  An easy way to get started is to signup to bring a dish when hospitality requests, meet a few of our hosts and volunteer to join.  Please know that receipts are reimbursed and all are very grateful that you share your talents.

For more information, contact the Hospitality Committee.

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House Committee

From its humble beginnings as a simple pavilion featuring a fireplace and bathrooms, the BSC clubhouse has transformed over the years to accommodate the needs for its growing membership.  The clubhouse retains the essence of the original vision as a place to gather atop the hill with a commanding view of our primary sailing area on lake Logan Martin.  It now features all of the amenities and support spaces that members and visiting sailors expect to find at a modern sailing club that is focused on racing.  The House Committee and the Grounds Committee, jointly and working together, have the responsibility of promulgating all rules pertaining to house and grounds.  They are in charge of all employees and properties owned by the Club; and are charged with the responsibility of supervising the construction of and maintenance of the club facilities.

For more information, contact the House Committee.

Information Technology Committee

In this digital age, we employ several systems to ensure communication and organizational operation of Birmingham Sailing Club.  The IT Committee supports the efforts of every committee in the club from email to website design and a host of other “behind the scenes” functions that it takes to facilitate our operations.  If you have a knack for technology, we can use your skills.  Having a technology background is not a prerequisite, but a willingness to learn the systems is necessary and this can be taught.  Participating on this committee is an interesting way to see how all of the committees come together to provide the services needed to support the Birmingham Sailing Club.

For more information, contact the Information Technology Committee.

Junior Sailing Program

The Junior Sailing Committee provides programs for the encouragement, teaching and
training of sailing for sons and daughters or young guests of members.  This is our most vibrant group of sailors and truly the future of our sport and love of the water.  Many of our members are products of multi-generational sailing families and got their start on the shores of lake Logan Martin.

We host Junior Sailing Camp which teaches kids from 8 to 18 and accommodates a variety of experience levels.  Junior camp promotes fun and friendship first and through this philosophy, each year the sailing takes care of itself and the kids come back for more and more.  Camp is a multi-day event and many kids have attended for years.  This is open to member and guests and is the perfect way for your family to test the waters of sailing and sped time at the club.  Many of our members found their way to BSC by enrolling their child in Junior Camp and were led to become a sailing family from their children.

The largest regatta at BSC, the Rock Paper Scissors Regatta is hosted by the Junior Sailing Committee.  This two-day event draws juniors from across the region to fill the grounds with families camping and sailing small boats.  The fun happens on and off the water with a series of races for the accomplished and a separate course for the beginners, affectionately called the Green Fleet.  All children participate in a group Rock Paper Scissors tournament in the clubhouse.  Both children and adults make use of our hilltop perch for what has been called “The South’s Longest Slip-n-Slide.  This committee always needs a large number of volunteers to service boats, serve meals, staff race committees, maintain the facilities during the event and chaperone the kids at different times.  This committee mainly has a need leading up to and during these events and functions best with more than six to twelve members.

For more information, contact the Junior Sailing Committee.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee seeks to continuously improve the value of membership for our families and is often a prospective member’s first contact with the club.  The mission of the Membership Committee is to develop innovative ways to attract new member families as well as retain current members through communication and member engagement.  We accomplish this by providing welcoming environments for new and existing members while continuously broadening their involvement and strengthening their association with the club functions, committees and other member families.  Our members range from families supporting their child’s sailing interest to seasoned veterans who still wish to engage socially or now wish to share their experience of sailing off the water in the classroom or or on the patio.  We seek volunteers who are outgoing and have a genuine interest in promoting and supporting the value that Birmingham Sailing Club brings to our member families across all levels of engagement.

For more information, contact the Membership Committee.

Race Management Committee

The Birmingham Sailing Club is a sailboat racing club and the Race Management Committee is at the heart of its sporting schedule.

The Race Management Committee is chaired by the BSC Fleet Captain who is appointed by
the Commodore, or by the Vice Commodore if no BSC Fleet Captain is appointed. The Race
Management Committee is responsible for all activities and equipment related to the
sailing program. These responsibilities include scheduling races; qualifying and appointing
race committees; arranging training of race officers; writing of Notices of
Race, Sailing Instructions and promoting racing events; the selection and maintenance of boats, motors, and other equipment related to the conduct of races. The fleet captains of the club’s various fleets
shall report to the BSC Fleet Captain.  This is a hands on committee and you will learn a lot about sailboat racing with this group.  The tasks range from technical writing and racing rules to practical application of signal flags and powerboat maintenance.  There are a wide range of duties which accommodate a variety of skills, so get in contact to learn more about the committee and find your interest in the program.

For more information, contact the BSC Fleet Captain.