Great Pumpkin Regatta

The Great Pumpkin Regatta is the 4th regatta of the Thistle Southeastern Fall Series, typically held in mid-October each year. This event is organized by the Thistle Class Association (TCA) in conjunction with the Birmingham Sailing Club, and has been sanctioned in accordance with the By-Laws of the TCA. Thistle Fleet 110 is the host fleet.

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Where to stay


The club grounds, clubhouse, showers and facilities will be open on Friday night for campers.


Pets are not allowed in the immediate vicinity of the Clubhouse or patios. Otherwise, pets brought to the Club must be leashed or kenneled, and observed by the owner to not be a nuisance to other members or guests. Members are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Hotels, Motels and B&Bs

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For more information or questions please email the Thistle Fleet 110 Captain